Get to Know Your Brain

Adolescent Brain Development Puts You at Risk

If you're between the age of 16 and 24, you need to know what's going on in your developing brain and how it impacts your safety while driving.

Learning what the neuroscientists know about the adolescent brain can save your life in high-stakes situations like driving.

Self-regulation is crucial to keep you and all others safe on the road. The goal of this program is to impact, not what you know, but how you act. The courses are delivered in short, dynamic videos to make review and engagement easy!

Course Designer & Teacher

Writer & Educator

Dr. Jennifer Fraser

Jennifer is Founder of The Bullied Brain She is an award-winning teacher and best-selling author. After earning a PhD in Comparative Literature, she taught for twenty years at University of Toronto, Humber College, and several independent university prep schools. Her latest book The Bullied Brain: Heal Your Scars and Restore Your Health (Prometheus Books / Rowman & Littlefield) hit the shelves April 2022 - Jennifer lives on the west coast of Canada with her family. Her goal is to design a world with the brain in mind.


Here are all the courses that are included in the Drive & Survive Program.

Learn Strategies to Stay Safe on the Road

Don't let your adolescent brain development put you at risk when driving!

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